Dynamic Marriage               
                 Interactive Class


 Are you ready for your marriage to go from..... 


...Hurt to Healed?


...Good to Great


...Mediocre to Magnificent?


Then you are ready for
Dynamic Marriage!


Dynamic Marriage is an eight-week, interactive course developed by the nationally recognized experts at Family Dynamics and led by trained facilitators.

Couples across the nation repeatedly testify that Dynamic Marriage works.  The unique and safe environment encourages couples to let God change their lives and transform their marriage. 

In the Dynamic Marriage class, you learn to make your marriage a priority.  You gain the tools to transform every aspect of your marriage so you can sustain a happy, fulfilling relationship that grows stronger every day. 

Each class is limited to only 12 couples. 

Take a look at the testimonies of those who have taken the course:

"I came into this course convinced I was sentenced to a life of misery.  Coming from a divorced family, I knew I would never do that to my boys, therefore, I would just have to live with an unhappy marriage.  This course has shown me that God not only wants to save my marriage.  He wants it to be the best!"

"You saved my marriage, well my wife and I did that, but your tools and process gave us the essential elements to do so."

"My wife and I will forever benefit from the 'owner's manual' to marriage that we have been given.  We have truly received a guidebook to marriage that will last forever.  Thank you for this fantastic course!"


Led by Philip and Jan Nichols, married 37 years and they have facilitated 20 classes to date.


For additional information see www.familydynamics.net