Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. How does it enrich your life to know that you have been assured victory?

2. What kind of struggle have you had with looking backward instead of forward? How is

this the same danger that Lot’s wife fell into?

3. What kind of issues in your life make you feel like you are being attacked by demons?

How have you seen Jesus set you free from these kinds of things?

4. What does walking through a path of darkness and seeking to serve Jesus even when

grieving and confused wind up providing for Mary Magdalene? How does this

encourage you in the hardships and frustrations you deal with?

5. What is the significance of the first person Jesus revealed Himself to when He rose from

the dead was one struggling with being in the dark, grieving, confused, and not really

looking for the right things? How does this encourage you?

Discussion Questions:

1. What difference does knowing you were made with an eternal purpose make in your

everyday living?

2. Seeing that God designed you to be His family and building and body and bride tells

you what about your purpose in this world and for eternity?

3. Of being family; building; body and bride, which is the most difficult for you? Why do

you think this is more difficult for you?

4. What has God done to make our eternal purpose like a promise already fulfilled? What

does this tell you about the importance God puts on having a relationship with you?

5. How does the tower of Babel provide a warning of carrying out our eternal purpose in a

proper way? Why is it so tempting to try to build a name for ourselves instead of

pointing to God?

Discussion Questions:

1. How do things that are undependable in this world affect your view of the dependability

of God? What makes His promises dependable?

2. How have you seen the word of God not return empty?

3. How is the concept of process an important part of understanding the promises of


4. How does seeing what God was doing through the years of David having to wait to

become king help with the patience we need waiting upon the promises of God?

5. Which has more influence over you: the circumstances you encounter or the promises

of God? How do we gain more trust and confidence in the promises of God?