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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1.  What do you think about Jesus having to learn obedience?  How does this provide a model for our own walks with God?

2.  How have you seen sin be its ugliest?  How does the ugliness of sin help you appreciate what Jesus does for you as High Priest?  How has God shown that the High Priest is an offer of life? 

3.  Are there any areas of your faith walk in which you tend to be dull of hearing or have quit growing?  What makes people want to go backwards instead of forward?  How does one maintain a teachable spirit?

4.  What does it mean that your character is more important than your comfort?  How did Jesus incorporate this axiom in His life?

5.  How has God poured His rain upon your life to help you grow?  Are there any areas in your character where thorns or thistles are growing?  How can you change this?

Discussion Questions:

1.  What keeps you motivated to get back up when all the things of life try to knock you down?  What does choosing to get back up have to do with character?

2.  Do you think God has a plan for your life like He did for Jeremiah?  How does one discover that plan?

3.  What causes people to avoid messages of condemnation or judgment?  Are there times we need to hear these types of messages?

4.  Does it encourage you or discourage you to see God allow Jeremiah to experience the hardships that he does?  What do you learn about your own hardships from what happened to Jeremiah?

5.  How difficult do you find it to be “I am who I am” under all circumstances?  How does your character tie to living in the image of God?


Discussion Questions:

1.  How has putting on Christ changed the things that are unseemly in your life?  What can you look back and see that wearing Christ every day has completely healed?

2.  How does it help to know that you have training wheels for your faith and character development?  How does our pride sometimes keep us from accepting the help that is available to us?

3.  What does it say to you that there are so many things Peter writes about in his epistles that he struggled with in his own walk with Jesus?  How have you seen practical wisdom come out of failure?

4.  How have distraction, carelessness, and/or overconfidence caused issues with your character?  What kinds of things help you avoid falling short in these areas?

5.  What is your next step in character development?  What are you learning from the lessons of this sermon series and from the life experiences you have faced lately?

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