Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. How does the Tabernacle and the story it tells provide you with direction and security?

What does it tell you about God that He would provide such a detailed and beautiful

witness to His plans for our future with Him?

2. Using the elements of the Tabernacle to answer, how does the Tabernacle demonstrate

what we need to do to have a right relationship with God?

3. How is the Tabernacle relevant for eternity? What does it mean to you that God uses a

Tabernacle in both the Old Testament and New Testament to show His desire to dwell

with us?

4. Of all the images of Jesus in the Tabernacle, what is your favorite, and why?

5. Seeing what the Tabernacle is about, how does the presence of God show in your life as

you become the place of His dwelling here in earth?

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen the fire and breath of God make a difference in your life? Who is

benefitting from what God is doing in your life?

2. What do you learn from the fact that God gave and then inhabited the Tabernacle after

these same Israelites made a golden calf and worshiped it? How does God’s desire to be

present in your life overcome whatever you have done?

3. Are there times you have treated God like an unused umbrella? Why do we often only

think of His presence during storms?

4. What surprises you about the way God removes His presence from Israel in the book of

Ezekiel? How does Jesus reversing these steps provide security and hope?

5. Would you describe your life as full of the presence of God? How about when we gather

together for worship? How do you see the presence of God in our midst?

Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways would you describe your relationship with God as His “treasured possession”?

How does this influence the way you live out your days?

2. How is giving part of worship? Describe how your voluntary giving is a response to what

God has first done for you.

3. What message does it send that God can take things of this world and things from Egypt

and use them for the construction of the Tabernacle? How does He do the same thing

with our lives?

4. What difference does it make that God gave Moses plans for a tent instead of a palace?

How did He do the same thing with the plan for Jesus?

5. How does the name of God (which is spoken over us in the Priestly blessing in Numbers

6:24-27) provide a destiny for our lives?