Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. How has Satan been able to use “superstimulus” against you? Why are things that are not

even real so appealing?

2. Why does God create us with desires that can be turned against us so easily? What is

there to learn from having these kinds of desires, even though they can be a minefield?

3. How have you seen unhealthy desires affect your prayer life? How does prayer become

backward when it is based upon my desires?

4. Is it fair to say a life chasing after one’s desires will be unfruitful? How would you evaluate

the fruitfulness of your life? If your life is not producing the fruit you would hope, what

role do your desires play in this?

5. What strategy do you learn from Jacob in overcoming a lifestyle filled with quarrels and


Discussion Questions:

1. How would you describe your storm theology? Do you have a tendency to be more like

Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego or Job's wife?

2. What are some ways that Jesus has asked you to leave your comfort zone and go to the

other side?

3. What causes us to think less of Jesus (or God) when we face a difficult storm? Tell of a

time when it felt like Jesus was asleep while you were fighting for your life.

4. What is the irony in them asking Jesus whether He cares that they are perishing? Are

there times we have fallen into this same way of thinking?

5. How is what Jesus did in Mark 4:35-41 more of a spiritual battle than a physical one? How

do the two questions Jesus asks the apostles in verse 40 help with putting the storms we

face in the proper perspective?

Discussion Questions:

1. How easy is it for you to be offended by what people do? What advantage is there to

intentionally choosing to not be scandalized by things?

2. How does Jesus’ mission of peace factor into your purpose of life? What struggles do you

have with being a peacemaker?

3. Do you think Jesus was hurt by Peter’s denial? How was Jesus able to act so kind and

forgiving toward someone He warned several times about what was coming? How well

do you offer this level of shalom to the people in your life?

4. Is there an area in your life or a relationship that needs shalom (order, completeness,

fulfillment, peace)? What steps will you take to actively seek to bring this about?

5. Why do so many dividing walls exist among people? How does shalom tear down these

areas of division? How did Jesus demonstrate this level of shalom in His own life?