Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is the city of God not referred to in the writings of the Old Testament account of Abraham, but it is emphasized by the New Testament writers?

2. What reasons would there be for God to keep things a mystery at the beginning of the Old Testament? What was He getting mankind to focus upon?

3. How does Isaiah’s portrayal of a new heaven and new earth excite you about your future?

4. How is the confusion of the afterlife made clearer simply by clinging to Jesus?

5. In what ways are we sojourners in this world (like Abraham, Isaac & Jacob), with no real home during our physical lifetime? How does this help with the challenges we face?

Discussion Questions:

1. If the only thing you knew about the afterlife is that it was a place all went to and it had no punishment or reward, would you still be motivated to walk with God? Why or why not?

2. How have you seen the idea of going to heaven treated like fire insurance? Is that a bad thing? Should there be more to the afterlife than this?

3. Does the idea of an afterlife help you live in a more complete way in the time given to you in this world?

4. Is it possible to be “so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good”? What would that look like?

5. How does the concept that a transformed life takes time help you see the value of what God is doing in this world to prepare you for eternity?

6. What are some ways that you can show that the Kingdom is already upon us in this life?

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever struggled with doubt about whether there is an afterlife?

2. What are some ways Satan tries to cloud our thinking about what awaits us after this world? How does this sometimes make you feel like giving up?

3. How does the gift of the Holy Spirit that Jesus provided help you to anticipate what life with Jesus will be for eternity?

4. Considering the bride price Jesus was willing to pay for you, how does this help with your esteem and confidence in who God created you to be?

5. How does understanding the proposal Jesus offered us change the way you view communion? How does it enhance these words: “Do this in remembrance of Me”?

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