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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1.  How unshakeable would you say your faith is?  What makes it so, or hinders it from being so? What kinds of desk chairs have you stood upon, reaching for more in this life?

2.  What reasons do you have to rejoice in the LORD?  How does rejoicing in the LORD lead us to the peace of God?

3.  How much division is caused by not being gentle?  Since being gentle is counterintuitive when facing anxious situations, what reminds you to be gentle?  How did knowing where He came from and where He was going play into Jesus’ actions?  Where have you come from and where are you going?

4.  When you are feeling anxiety, how often do you turn to worship of God and prayer, including supplication and thanksgiving?  Share the benefits you receive from these.

5.  Why do we have a difficult time being satisfied with who we are and what our station is in life? How did Paul’s example in a Philippi jail show that he practiced what he preached?  What influence do you think this action had on how the Philippians heard his teachings?

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the temptation to look backward instead of forward?  Why do we tend to remember things better in the past than they were?  How did the Israelites struggle with this?

2.  What kinds of things tether you to this world and make it difficult to live as a citizen of heaven?  What kinds of things remind you to look up and live as the citizen of heaven you are called to be?

3.  Who influences you in good ways to grow in your faith?  How do you pass this on to others?

4.  What reasons would you give for Moses seeking more of God while the Israelites wanted to go back to Egypt?  Why is it important for us to recognize that Moses was eventually influenced by the behavior of the Israelites and eventually lost the right to lead Israel into the Promised Land?

5.  Paul emphasizes at the end of this passage in Philippians 3 that there is a transformation from dust to glory.  At the same time, he teaches throughout this passage that none of this is by our own power.  What is the difference in will power and God’s transformation?  How much are you responsible for and how much is by God’s doing?  How does this make it all the more important to draw nearer to God?

Discussion Questions:

1.  How is rejoicing in the LORD a safeguard?  From what kinds of things does it protect you?

2.  What do you find impressive about Saul’s list of accomplishments in Philippians 3:4-6?  Why is this not a good offering to the LORD?

3.  Discuss whether you think a person can seek to destroy others and still have joy.  How do Saul’s actions of persecution compare favorably and unfavorably with Phineas and the Sons of Thunder?

4.  What kind of wrong measuring sticks have you seen implemented in churches or people’s lives?  What is the danger of comparing us to ourselves or to other people? 

5.  Why is resurrection listed twice in Philippians 3:10-11?  How are the sufferings of Jesus a fellowship? 

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