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Big Plans--Lesson 5--Plans That Include the Wicked?

Discussion Questions:

1. How does the Tabernacle show us God’s plan for relationship with us? What part belongs

to God’s sovereignty, and what part belongs to man’s free will?

2. Why do our plans need God’s final word? Why is flexibility important in planning? How is

flexibility a sign of life?

3. How have you seen God orchestrate events in your life? How does He orchestrate things

while still allowing free will?

4. How has God’s use of darkness and evil opened the door for doubt, skepticism, or a

struggle of what to believe? What kinds of things help to place things in a proper


5. How is God’s sovereign reign demonstrated by events throughout the Scriptures? What

kind of peace does this give you as you live in a world filled with chaos, danger, pain, and


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