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Building Character--Lesson 5--How Deep Are You?--I Samuel 8-25

Discussion Questions:

1.  With all the trials David experienced, how did he become a man of praise instead of bitterness?  What strategies do you see from his life that will help you praise more and complain less?

2.  Why do the roots of your faith need to be both deep and wide?  What helps you to grow in these different ways?  How is your faith walk both a sprint and a marathon?

3.  What signs were there that Saul was going to struggle with the responsibilities of being king?  Why do you suppose God put him in this role anyway?

4.  Why can a kingdom be no greater than the character of the individuals?  What does this teach you about being intentional with the development your own character?

5.  Which do you have more trouble doing: recognizing your sin and confessing it, or changing so you don’t continue in it?  God changed Saul’s heart in I Samuel 10:6. Why did it not stay changed?

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