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Don't Stop Now - Lesson 1 - Stirring Up A Fire

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways have you told yourself that you will make the ways of the LORD more of a priority when things settle down and are under better control?

  2. From your own experience, what brings about apathy or being lukewarm in your spiritual walk? (What causes the fires to burn down or out in your spiritual life?)

  3. What kinds of things are there in your life that has taken on more value than they should have?

  4. How easy have you found it to convince others that you are doing fine, even when the fires are burning down and you are struggling with spiritual lethargy, distraction, or doubts? How do we become more vulnerable and accountable to people?

  5. How does being designed for covenant with God and the fact that He desires this deep of a relationship with you help you maintain a bigger fire in your spiritual walk?

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