Foreshadow--Lesson 4--Why a Veil was Needed, and Then Not

Discussion Questions:

1. Are there times you have felt abandoned or forsaken by God? How does a study of the veil

in the Tabernacle/Temple help you to see beyond the sense of abandonment?

2. How is the question of whether Jesus was forsaken by God answered truthfully by both

“yes” and “no” responses? Explain how the answer is ultimately “NO”.

3. How is the veil a picture of sin? How was the veil protection? Why was the veil torn? What

does this indicate for the sin in your life?

4. What kind of boldness do you feel to enter the presence of God? What helps you

remember that you have the assurance to be confident in God’s presence?

5. The veil is a wonderful picture of the protection of God leading up to transformation and

new life. How do you display these things in the way you live in your daily circumstances?

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