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The Art of Leadership--Lesson 3--From Management to Leadership

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the difference in being a manager and a leader? Which one is more difficult? Why?

2. Why did Israel struggle so much with being good stewards and managing the things God

provided them? Do you face any of these same struggles in your life?

3. What does your identity in God have to do with your ability to manage or lead in the things

of God and His Kingdom? What are some specific lies you have allowed to make you less

than you should be in management or leadership of God’s Kingdom ways?

4. What significance is there that creation groans and suffers because of our

mismanagement? What other things wind up being influenced when we forget our


5. What legacy does Gideon build (at least for 40 years) because of his leadership? What

kind of legacy are you hoping to leave for those around you? Will God lead you in this like

He led Gideon?

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