Wait! That Can’t Be Right! -Lesson 2 - Wrasslin’s Not Fake! - Genesis 32:24-32

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you felt God wrestle with you? How have times of wrestling, and even pain and having your life put out of joint, helped you to know better who you are and what your convictions are?

  2. How long would the night feel if you were wrestling all night? Why would God allow such a long and exhausting trial to happen?

  3. What are some ways that God has touched your life (maybe even put it out of joint) to show you that your own strength and wisdom is not enough?

  4. What is the significance of Jacob’s name change to Israel? What are some ways God has sought to change your persona from the villain or heel to the face of the Kingdom?

  5. How does knowing more about Jacob and Habakkuk help you to understand the importance and even power in wrestling with fears and doubts, and admitting struggles instead of acting like everything is ok?

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