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Wait! That Can't Be Right!--Lesson 3--Lots of Reasons to Doubt--Habakkuk 1

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Habakkuk’s candidness before God encourage you in your own prayer life?

2. How do you see God doing the same kinds of things in our culture and political situation

that He did in the time of Habakkuk?

3. How do you handle it when it feels like God is doing nothing? How reassuring is it to hear

God say He is doing something that they would not believe if they were told?

4. How do you see God using a refining fire to purge the unrighteousness from our land?

5. Habakkuk lists 4 qualities of God that stabilize his fears (Habakkuk 1:12—everlasting; holy;

sovereign; our Rock). How do these qualities help you to see life’s challenges with a

positive outlook?

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