Garden Ridge latest COVID 19 Update

Garden Ridge Family, 

Since the beginning of this global pandemic, we have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and the severity of its impact not only on our community but in our world.  About a month ago, based on the information at that time, we made the decision that it was appropriate to reopen our church building and to gather together for Sunday services once again.  We have been richly blessed by these past 3 weeks that we have been able to meet and worship together.  However, recently the information for COVID-19 and the impact it is having on our very own community has changed. 

This week, it was announced that there has be a drastic rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalization due to the virus. We are also seeing the threat of this rise in some of our very own church family. Governor Greg Abbott is pleading with Texas to take this virus seriously by taking the preventative measures of wearing a mask, social distancing, washing your hands, and when at all possible, staying home.  

We believe it is our responsibility to protect our church body, staff and community as well as partner with the state's efforts to slow the spread of this virus. In light of the current situation, we have made the decision to transition back to online church services only and not meet live in the building effective immediately. We will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to a time when we feel it is appropriate and safe to meet in person once again. 


We understand that there will be those whose opinions will defer from the decisions we make and that is ok.  We want you to know that this decision was not made out of fear but prayerfully made out of love.  A love for our church family and a love for our community.  We ask for your grace and understanding as we all try to prayerfully navigate the unknown of this pandemic.  


We have been so encouraged by the outpouring of love that we have seen during this time.  As this pandemic stretches on, this outpouring is needed even more.  Keep reaching out to your loved ones, your neighbors and your community.  Let us show that the church is a light during times that can seem so dark.  You can and have made an incredible difference.  

If during this time you are someone who is in need for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the church or through the website.  We are here and eager to help. We thank you for you love, support, and understanding during this time. 

Due to the information shared above, this means we unfortunately must cancel the Senior Sunday service. 


This is, of course, disappointing because of how badly Garden Ridge WANTS to give the grads a special celebration, but we also feel the circumstances are dire enough that we need to adapt.


That being the case, we are already planning another option for you to be able to celebrate and give gifts to these remarkable young men and women.Keep an eye out for details so you can be part of showing our grads how much we love them!


With Love,

Garden Ridge Leadership

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