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Women's Ministry

We are imperfect, but chosen women of God for a mighty purpose.  We seek to grow through Bible study, retreats, worship and everyday life together.  We seek a meaningful relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and with each other.

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Tuesday Morning Class

Come join us beginning Sept. 5th at 10am in room 226 for a study of the book of Acts,

Led by Colyn Bryant. 

The class will be using the study guide:

Engaging God's Word - Acts

You can order your study guide by clicking here.

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Wednesday Night Class

Come join us beginning Sept. 6th at 7pm in room 222 for a study of the book of Romans.

Please start reading Romans.

Classes will be led by:

Kim Atchley - Rachel Barber - Alex Buck - Erin Gonzales -

Neena Johnson - Abbie Klotzman - Stephanie Leigh -

Trisha Lawing - Jan Nichols - Bettie Saunders - Donna Wallis -

Pam White - Tamara Wyatt

For more information about the Women's Ministry please contact either 

Pam White:  or  Sheri Coulter : 

Church office: 972-221-3561

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