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Garden Ridge Missions


Seth Bouchelle

Seth began his co-ministry with Garden Ridge in the fall of 2014 in Bronx, New York about a 45 minute train ride from downtown Manhattan. His ministry has been blessed by the many people who have come to Christ through the house churches that he helps establish through Discovery Bible Studies in and around Bronx. In addition to working with a wide range of cultures and languages in New York, Seth also conducts training seminars with churches from Connecticut to California, in how to have spiritual conversations. He has written the book, Lost Faith, a description of his present ministry in New York, and coauthored Mosaic.

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David and Lucia Valdes

David became the director of the San Fernando School of Preaching in 2005, and many churches were established as fruit of that school. Because of terrorism there the Valdez family and school was moved to Rio Bravo, which is just across the border from McAllen, TX. Even though there has been terrorism there, calm is prevailing lately. After the close of the school, David became the minister for the La Condesa Church of Christ in Rio Bravo and they have seen many added to their number there. A number of times the church has had to hide during their services because of shootings going on outside their church building. David and Lucy have 3 children, Lucia, Betsy and David Jr. Both girls are in college and little David is in his last year of high

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Lucrecio and Janet Mercado

This couple lead a great ministry in Puerto Plata on the norther shore of Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean Sea. They have been leaders in the church throughout DR for four decades. Lucrecio gives leadership to about 12 additional churches near Puerto Plata. Some of these churches are in very poor areas and one is high in the mountains. Lucrecio does a great job of training up leaders for all of these churches and still keep the unity and bond of peace among them all.


John and Susan Cooper

A few years ago John was the youth minister here at Garden Ridge until they became missionaries in China and few years later in Croatia and just this summer moved to Budapest, Hungary to continue their ministry started in Croatia. They have two sons, Nash and Van who are elementary school age. Their ministry now is centered in social media in which contacts are made and Christians are given their names to follow up on. They also train other churches to use this modern method
of evangelism.

Joseph Maisela and Thomas Kibi

These two men work and serve the Lord in South Africa in two different areas of the bush country or rural areas of their country. They spend a lot of time traveling from one village to another to preach and teach the good news of Jesus. We have helped them financially over the years to purchase a tent and chairs to help them in their traveling ministry. We have supported these men and their ministry for over 30 years.

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