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Encouragers Ministry


Thanks for submitting!

The Encouragers Ministry is a small group of people who send out cards to those who need encouragement due to death or illness. We try to celebrate with those who have become new Christians. We also congratulate those who have had new babies.

Each time I receive notice of any of the above events, I gather the contact information and email each member of our team. There are 2 members of our team who do not have email, so I send them a letter. Each member of the team is encouraged to send a card or email to each person on the list.

Here are the things needed by our team:

  • More members (Please join us.)

  • Some guys (You can send cards, too.)

  • Cards (Please go through your stash of cards and give us some.)

  • Information (Please let us know about any events we need to note.)

  • Stamps

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