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Grieving Book Ministry


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This ministry provides the Journeying Through Grief book set to members who have lost a loved one. The sets are also available for members to give to personal friends who have lost a loved one.

When a loved one dies, people often struggle with difficult, painful feelings. Many feel abandoned by friends, relative, and even God.

The Journeying Through Grief book series is a powerful, distinctively Christian resource that makes it easy to reach out to those who are grieving during that difficult first year.

Journeying Through Grief:

Explains the grief process and encourages the bereaved to grieve in healthy ways.

Helps people to understand that the crazy feelings they might be experiencing during grief are normal.

Describes the varied and intense feelings that typically surface during grief and suggests healing ways to deal with and express those feelings.

Looks at grief from a biblical perspective, gently helping grieving people work through faith struggles they might be encountering.

Provides hope that, even when they might not see it or feel it, God is present and working from the inside out to heal their broken heart.

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