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Men's Ministry


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The Men's Ministry exists to provide opportunities for the men of Garden Ridge to grow & serve together. We focus on a “Three-Tier” approach when organizing these opportunities.

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Relationship Development

  • Community & Church Service

Spiritual Growth is, of course, primary & key to all we do. Our aim is to provide regular opportunities and resources designed for men to focus on their spiritual relationship with God and our savior Jesus. These may be Bible classes, self-study resources, retreats & more. We believe it’s vital that we are intentional in putting God first in our lives.

Relationship Development is based upon the realization that many of us aren't the best at developing close connections with other men. We believe it’s important for us to have other godly men in our lives for strength, accountability & guidance as we walk through Christian life together.

Community & Church Service recognizes our need to actively serve others. As we serve, we demonstrate our love for others while giving back to our church & community, putting into action the spiritual truths we’ve learned and the relationships we’ve formed.

Our goal is for everything we plan to focus on one of these "tiers" and through this, we grow spiritually, relationally & sacrificially.

Most importantly... in all we do...we strive to Glorify God!

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