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Youth Ministry


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The Garden Ridge Youth Ministry is a community committed to middle and high schoolers to create and cultivate life-long disciples of Christ. Everything we do--from small group Bible studies to mission trips to messy games and Capture the Flag--is strategic with a single goal in mind: DISCIPLESHIP.

We know the challenges of the teen years can make discipleship difficult to grow, so we:

  • Spend lots of time together, locally and on the road;

  • Partner with parents and siblings, who have the greatest impact on the students, to help them cultivate faith at home; and

  • Surround the teens with a team of amazing adult mentors who are part of every local event and every trip, providing support and attention and wisdom and prayer for every student in our ministry.

To learn more about how we operate or to get involved, visit our website:

To learn more about ways to serve our ministry (hosting an event, providing meals, becoming a prayer partner, etc.), contact Trane Wyatt:

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