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Each ministry here at Garden Ridge holds a unique importance to this community and deserves the right to share the impact they are making. The Ministry Showcase is an event where each ministry will have the opportunity to have a booth/table set up in the Fellowship Center that highlights their ministry. Then on the day of the fair, our typical church service will end early allowing all our members and visitors to take the time to walk through the event to learn about each ministry, discover areas of need, and opportunities to serve.  

A few years ago, we spent a couple of months going through spiritual gifts which involved a survey to help you better understand where your strengths are in the kingdom. This is a great time to go back and look over that information and refresh yourself as we approach this Event. 

If you didn’t get a chance to take that survey or feel like you need to revisit it, click on the button below.  it will take you to the Team Ministry site where you can take the survey as well as see other information about spiritual gifts.

In these weeks leading up to the Ministry Showcase, you will see different ministries being highlighted during our services to help highlight the different work going on. We ask for your prayers over these and all our ministries here as they serve our family and community. 

Wednesday Summer Series
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