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Day 2
Jim Whitwell

Dear Heavenly Father

You are the Creator and Ruler of all, and we honor Your name! Your glory is matchless, and we gladly worship and praise You!

Your grace and mercy are endless. You bless us so abundantly, even in ways we may take for granted or not even notice. Help us to always see Your hands at work in our lives.

Father, for all of your blessings--seen and unseen--we thank You.

We especially thank You for providing us a path to salvation. The sacrifice of Your son, Jesus, on our behalf so that we may have an eternal relationship with You is a gift beyond measure.

Father, we pray You walk with us always.

Shelter, guide and bless us all.

Bring us new opportunities to serve You.

And in all things, may Your will be done.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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