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Day 5
Stephanie Leigh

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”-Mother Teresa

Father God, Creator of the Universe and everything in it, including our families...We come before You now to ask You to give us strength, intentionality, grace ,mercy, love, hope ,and faith.

Thank You for blessing us with our families and families of those around us. Thank You for Your Son who's sacrifice makes this relationship possible. Please place on each of our hearts the desire to seek You in every step of our days. Place Your hand over the hearts of the fathers, mothers and children. Help us to be ever aware of Your presence in our lives.

Lord, bless the mothers and fathers with endurance to be intentional with every minute they have with each other, using every moment to teach and cause thinking outside of self, never skipping prayers and Bible story time, allowing for reflection and questioning. Bless them with discipline to make time with You, looking to Your word for guidance and wisdom, reaching out to You in prayer when they don't know what to do or need to blow off steam or need to talk through something.

Lord ,bless the children with a deep desire to be near to You. May they never stray. May they always know their worth, understanding that they are known. May they make a pact to trust You and Your desires for them. Give them the understanding that everything You ask of them is for their good.

Protect these families from the evil one. Guard their hearts and minds. May they seek Your protection at times of attack. Give them peace. Give them strength.

In Your Magnificent Name We Pray,


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