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Day 6
Leigh Lloyd

Dear Heavenly Father,


I thank You for today and all the blessings You have provided this year. Thank You so much for Your Son and the never-ending care, love, and protection You provide.


We are beyond grateful for You sending those who are hurting and searching to our church and the Celebrate Recovery family for support. I pray Your richest blessings on all the servants, ministries, staff, and Shepherds at Garden Ridge. Please increase our awareness of the promptings from Your Holy Spirit for outreach. Please open our hearts to put all the talents You have given us to use in mighty ways this year.


Thank You for the amazing works You have done this year to provide relief to all people in the community and the church family who struggle with emotional, physical, and spiritual hurts, habits that have held them down, and harmful defects of character, which have prevented them from experiencing the life of joy You promise. I pray Your richest blessings on all those who are still struggling to find relief and recovery from pain, stress, anxiety, and addictions they use to cope with this world.


I pray that Garden Ridge will be a safe place to share real struggles in this world. I pray specifically for all struggling with mental health issues in their daily lives. Please help us as Your people to have listening ears to hear the needs. Guide us with understanding, love, and knowledge of how to best provide support. I pray for guidance for the professionals in our congregation who provide support and counseling. I pray for the medical professional who diagnose and determine the best treatment options for each individual. Please open many doors and prepare a path for us to share this Good News that there is HOPE and there are people in this world who truly care.


Please guide and grow the leadership in the Celebrate Recovery ministry this year. Please help us to grow in the knowledge of Your Word and to share our faith, experience, and hope with others. Help us to remove any mortal blinders and be open to all promptings You put before us. Provide us with opportunities and new areas of service to reach the hurting. We know that we are nothing without You and we pray that Your will, not ours, be done in this ministry.


Please help us as a church family to be more aware of those in our community who may not feel safe walking through the doors of the church. I pray that You will open our eyes to really see people’s needs in the community daily and actively exhibit Your light of kindness and encouragement to them.  Please give Your Church guidance, opportunity, and courage to step outside of our comfort zones, to serve people in mighty ways.


Dear God, I pray that You cover us with protection from Satan’s snares and attacks this year as we seek to do Your will in every area of our lives. Specifically, I pray for protection for our GRCC Church family, the leaders of Your Church, leaders of all ministries, and their families.


Thank You for all You have done and all that You are going to do.


In Your Son’s dear and holy Name, I pray. Amen

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