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Day 8
Ed DeMatteo

O God Most High,

In the way of our calling, we seek You daily with a wakeful conscience and with purpose.


Though our failures are many, You are rich in mercy.


May we never be satisfied with our present spiritual progress. Help us to never neglect Your Word so that our hearts may grow in it, so that its doctrine may transform and its promises comfort.


Your Word fans the fire in our hearts! It gives us courage to stand for You and Your ways. It is our house which You built on a rock so that, though we are weak, we may become strong, accepting all Your ways as right, good, and beautiful, always forsaking everything that is false.


Through faith, we believe Your Word will cultivate the fruits of The Spirit in us! May we employ our spiritual gifts with joy and, in doing so, present the Gospel of Jesus suitable to every occasion.


Keep us from falling to the temptations of this day, and daily open our hearts to seek Your presence so that we may carry Your Divine Truth into ordinary life. And to faith, add virtue, knowledge, holiness, kindness, good works, and charity, all to Your Glory.


In the Name of Christ Jesus we offer this prayer.

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