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Sara Foltermann

Dear God,

Today, I ask for Your blessing for our aging members. I pray that they be treated with dignity, love and respect. You tell us, through Job, that wisdom and understanding belong to the old. May the younger of our congregation learn from the experiences and wherewithal of those with more than us.

Please, Father, help the older generation to feel known, not only by Your presence, but also that of our church. Help our eyes to really see what is needed: be it time, money or a helping hand for this irreplaceable part of our church family.

Proverbs and Leviticus tell us to show respect and honor to those older. Please help us to do just that. May Garden Ridge be a place of hope, life and love for all its members, but especially our elder members. As you commanded us, please help us as we go above and beyond in our generosity of our time, talents and resources in Your name. I pray that our older members feel loved, appreciated and valued by our church.

Father God, thank You for Your steadfast love for us. 

In your name we pray,


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