Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. How does what happened to Israel in Isaiah 9:8-10:4 compare with what is happening in our culture today?

2. How have pride and a lack of humility added to the problems in our nation? How has pride kept people skeptical about a Physician who can heal everything?

3. How does unhealthy leadership affect unity and people caring for one another? How does division among people demonstrate God’s judgment against His people?

4. In what ways is God’s wrath a great thing? How does His wrath show involvement in our lives and care for us?

5. How are the events of 2020 comparable to jar #47? Is God trying to fix something by this and do you see our political leaders paying attention? What difference can you make with this?

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you seen misuse of power and favoritism work against community?

  2. What difference does Nehemiah’s consulting with himself before talking to the rulers and nobles make?  How has taking time to think through situations helped you stay true to the standards of God’s Kingdom?

  3. Why does Nehemiah emphasize over and over that what the nobles and rulers were doing was against their “brothers”?  How does seeing people this way curb selfishness and greed?

  4. How does the image of God play an important role in Nehemiah’s leadership?  Why is living this way an effective way to do politics?  

  5. Why does poor shepherding result in division and leaving people vulnerable?  How does this apply to our political situation today?

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of dreams or vision have you had shot down by other people’s criticism or ridicule? How is this a problem in our political system?

2. How does the layout of Nehemiah 4 (every advancement is met with criticism and opposition) correspond to your experience with spiritual development?

3. How have you seen exhaustion and discouragement add to the problems in our nation? How has Satan used these to hinder what God wants to build in your own life?

4. Why would God ask someone to run against horses? What do we learn from being challenged this way?

5. How does making prayer our first response change the perspective of the situation you face? Why is it so difficult for even committed followers to practice this?

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