Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things make you feel like you don’t fit in with God’s people or connect very


2. Does everyone have something to offer the Kingdom of God? Everyone? What does this

mean for you?

3. In what ways does Garden Ridge need to grow in adaptive leadership and empowering

everyone? What stories do you have of this being a positive trait at Garden Ridge?

4. What steps do you see in Rahab’s development of faith in God? How does adaptive

leadership play an important role in helping people from questionable pasts find their way

to salvation and acceptance in God’s covenant community?

5. How did the faith of a pagan harlot change history? How was her family influenced by her

choices? If God can do so much through Rahab, what are His plans for you?

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do we often forget our destination when we encounter unexpected storms? How

have you seen this add to anxiety and/or fear?

2. What kinds of things cause us to not recognize or forget the things the LORD has done for

us in the past? How does this hinder our courage when we face new challenges and


3. What difficulties do you find proclaiming what will happen (your destiny) going into battle

with a giant trial in your life like David was able to do? What promises from God do you

cling to so you can proclaim your destiny?

4. What stories do you have of overcoming lions and bears? How has God prepared you in

advance for the battles you face now in your life?

5. How is entitlement a source of distraction from the mission the LORD calls us to? What

kinds of things tempt you to think the Kingdom belongs to you?

Discussion Questions:

1. How does attacking your identity crumble the foundation for your life? What practices do

you have that help you keep a healthy view of your identity?

2. How has Satan encouraged you to do what you want to make things better for yourself?

How does worship and service to the LORD keep us from chasing after this carrot dangled

before us?

3. What do you learn from the way Joshua led Israel through transition to a new era? How

does taking them to Shechem and reminding them of promises the LORD made and kept

prepare them for the unknown coming upon them?

4. How have you seen stagnation (stuck in the old) and being enamored with the new cause a

loss of identity or a loss of focus on the mission from God?

5. Why does Joshua tell Israel they are not able to serve the LORD? What does holiness

have to do with your identity? How is the jealousy of God a good thing?

6. In a world so full of change, what are the things that must never change? What anchors

you so you are not blown around by every wind that comes along?