Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. What difference does it make that God is a God of generations? How does this

demonstrate the importance of passing on a legacy of blessing?

2. Why did God have Jacob revisit his failings? How is this relevant to building a legacy of


3. In what ways have you been held back from being what God wants you to be because of

not moving on from what you used to be? In what specific ways does this hinder you from

sharing or passing on a blessing to others?

4. How would having a God pocket enable you to take advantage of more opportunities to

pass on God’s blessings? What struggles do you envision with creating a God pocket and

using it?

5. What do you learn from the fact that God blessed those He allowed to be carried into

exile? Why does He offer blessings that go beyond our lifetime? How does community

play an important role in leaving a legacy of faith?

Discussion Questions:

1. What causes us to rejoice in happy and just endings to things, or to get upset when

suffering and injustice take place? Is it fair to say this comes from the image of God?

2. Tell of the struggle you have with your perspective and posture getting in the way like

Solomon’s did in Ecclesiastes 3. How does this affect experiencing God’s blessings?

3. How is cynicism a problem in our culture? Why and/or how is worship an antidote to

cynicism? What kinds of influences get your worship out of tune?

4. Name 3 blessings you are grateful for from the past week. Was it easy or difficult to come

up with 3? How does taking time to notice and give thanks for the blessings you enjoy

increase your enjoyment of your blessings?

5. How is gratitude a factor in Rahab’s family history? Why is it important to recognize that

gratitude affects blessing and can influence many generations beyond us? What things

can you do this week to grow in worship and gratitude?

Discussion Questions:

1. Would you say the accomplishments in your life are despite your setbacks or a result of

them? How does your perspective change as you look back at the trials you endured

versus being in the middle of them? What does this teach you about patience upon the


2. Is it comforting or frustrating to you that there are so many examples in the Scriptures of

God using trials and suffering to bring about blessings? Why is this comforting or


3. If you were alone and afraid for your family, would you expect God to show up and comfort

you or challenge you to a wrestling match? Why is it important that God challenged Jacob

to a wrestling match?

4. Why is it important to recognize that it was the LORD who brought the adversities upon

Job? What does this teach you about Satan and the sovereignty that God has over him

and his evil doings?

5. Explain how the book of Job is a microcosm of God’s history with mankind. How does this

encourage you to wait upon the LORD for Him to carry out the end of the story?