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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

1. What caused the apostles and disciples to go from fear to exhibit the courage seen in them

in Acts 4:13? What kinds of things did they pray for? How does this guide you through

your fears?

2. How have you seen God provide the wind for your sails? What example can you give of

God taking what appears to be a mountain and turning it into a plain?

3. What danger do we fall into when we try to come up with the vision and the plan for the

work of the Kingdom?

4. Why is it so tempting to be a “human-doing” rather than a “human-being”? What benefits

have you found simply being in the presence of God instead of feeling like you need to be

doing something for Him?

5. What kinds of things make it difficult for you to be humble and/or submissive? How would

addressing these things help you to have a stronger and more vibrant prayer life?

Discussion Questions:

1. What struggle have you had with focusing on the pockets of God rather than His face?

What helps you to look to His face and grow in relationship with the LORD?

2. How are you doing in your everyday living with humility and submission? What makes

these things challenging for you?

3. Describe a time when the face of God has provided you with security and stability to deal

with a storm raging in your life.

4. What does Moses having to take off his sandals at the burning bush say to you? Are there

things of this world that get between you and the holiness of God?

5. Does your experience show you that the greater the revelation of God, the greater the

transformation in your life? How does your prayer life assist you in developing a greater

revelation of God?

Discussion Questions:

1. What are your experiences with prayer being boring, dry, or a drudgery versus being

energetic, vibrant and a joy? What causes the difference for you?

2. How does prayer tie into being humble and dependent? Why would Satan make it a

priority to hinder the joy and effectiveness of prayer?

3. How is what we see in culture today akin to demon possession? How serious should we

take Jesus’ words that this can only come out through prayer? How does this effect your

desires and/or efforts to grow your prayer life?

4. How and why do our efforts at problem solving get in the way of seeing powerful results?

How does Jesus’ teachings about the vine and branches in John 15:1-8 apply to this?

5. What is the significance of priests coming to the faith in Acts 6:7? How did a focus on the

word of God and prayer help to bring this about?

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