...And Give You Peace--Lesson 2--What Does It Mean That God Is Our Peace?

Discussion Questions:

1. Can you relate to Israel being invaded by “Strife” and left ravished and broken? How have

you been hurt by various kinds of “Strife” in your life?

2. How does the random order of life frustrate you? What difference does it make to put

items of first importance in their proper place? How does this help you carry your

burdens better?

3. How do priorities affect the peace you experience? How have you seen unhealthy

priorities actually take away peace?

4. Do you believe that having the presence and fullness of God in your life makes you a

“mighty warrior”? Why do we struggle with believing this? What kinds of things does God

want you to overcome through His fullness?

5. Why do we often believe that peace means our problems will be removed? How has God

shown us that He would rather work through our problems than take them out of the


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