...And Give You Peace--Lesson 3--The Mission of Jesus

Discussion Questions:

1. How easy is it for you to be offended by what people do? What advantage is there to

intentionally choosing to not be scandalized by things?

2. How does Jesus’ mission of peace factor into your purpose of life? What struggles do you

have with being a peacemaker?

3. Do you think Jesus was hurt by Peter’s denial? How was Jesus able to act so kind and

forgiving toward someone He warned several times about what was coming? How well

do you offer this level of shalom to the people in your life?

4. Is there an area in your life or a relationship that needs shalom (order, completeness,

fulfillment, peace)? What steps will you take to actively seek to bring this about?

5. Why do so many dividing walls exist among people? How does shalom tear down these

areas of division? How did Jesus demonstrate this level of shalom in His own life?

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