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...And Give You Peace--Lesson 5--The Progression of Conflict--James 4:1-5

Discussion Questions:

1. How has Satan been able to use “superstimulus” against you? Why are things that are not

even real so appealing?

2. Why does God create us with desires that can be turned against us so easily? What is

there to learn from having these kinds of desires, even though they can be a minefield?

3. How have you seen unhealthy desires affect your prayer life? How does prayer become

backward when it is based upon my desires?

4. Is it fair to say a life chasing after one’s desires will be unfruitful? How would you evaluate

the fruitfulness of your life? If your life is not producing the fruit you would hope, what

role do your desires play in this?

5. What strategy do you learn from Jacob in overcoming a lifestyle filled with quarrels and


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Discussion Questions: 1. What kinds of things have you seen the devil do to diminish the power of prayer? Why is he so successful with his tactics? 2. How have you seen prayer work against division

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