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…And Give You Peace - Lesson 6 - How To Change an Attitude - Philippians 4

Discussion Questions:

  1. Would you describe yourself as one who is content in all circumstances? Why or why not? Where does being content in all circumstances come from?

  2. How does knowing who you really are help you to find peace and contentment in whatever you face?

  3. Like the bubbles in the shaken coke can, what are some strategies to get the bubbles from clinging to you so things won’t spew out everywhere and make a mess?

  4. In what ways have you traded the fountains of living water for man-made broken cisterns? How can you get back to being water instead of a man-made substitute?

  5. Do you struggle with worry? How much help is it to tell yourself not to worry? Does replacing worry with prayer really work? What is your experience with this?

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