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...And Give You Peace--Lesson 7--Be Still My Anxious Heart--Matthew 6:19-34

Discussion Questions:

1. Have you found yourself trying to balance between what this world offers and what fits

with the Kingdom of God? How does trying to do this add to your worry and stress and/or

take away your peace?

2. What do we learn from the fact that Solomon was given wisdom from God and couldn’t

keep a healthy balance between the things of God and the things of the world? Why is it

difficult for us to let the things of the world go?

3. What does it mean to see with eyes of light? In what ways have you fallen into the trap of

scarcity thinking? What kinds of things help you look at life from a perspective of


4. How much of your treasure is temporary? In what way is setting up treasure that is

temporary a form of idolatry? If you are being real honest with yourself, how much do you

worry over things that are temporary? How does this affect your peace?

5. How do you feel about the Israelites saying over and over again, “Let’s go back to

Egypt”? How is attachment to the things of this world the same thing?

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