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...And Give You Peace--Lesson 8--Forfeit My Right to Anger?--I Samuel 24

Discussion Questions:

1. How much does anger play a role in your life? How difficult is it for you to control

yourself or other things when you feel angry?

2. Because David was anointed to be king of Israel, he was entitled to the Kingdom of God.

How do you see David surrendering his entitlement because of the faith he held? What

does this say to you about your feelings of entitlement?

3. What difference does being anointed play in how you live your life? How does being the

body of Jesus change the way you deal with anger?

4. How much of the anger you feel is tied to frustration due to God’s timing? What are

some practical ways you can remember to live according to God’s timing instead of your


5. What is the balance between giving up anger and still bringing light into the darkness for

the things that are wrong in this world?

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