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Backwards Living--Lesson 1--Looking Forward; Not Back--Hebrews 11 + Ecclesiastes

Discussion Questions:

1.  How have you experienced the living waters from God in your life?  What kinds of things work against you remembering these living waters He has made available to you?

2.  What does it mean to look forward in living instead of backward?  What advantage is there in having a set point to aim for instead of being blown in whatever direction the wind blows?

3.  What kinds of cisterns have you seen people turn to rather than trusting the living waters of God?  How do these man-made cisterns typically let people down?  What helps you feel secure and fulfilled?

4.  How does the unfairness in life affect your faith walk with God?  What struggles have you had trusting God and surrendering to Him because of unfair things you have experienced?

5.  Why are the people referred to in Hebrews 11 called a cloud of witnesses?  What are they witnessing about?  How is faith not a leap into the unknown?


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