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Backwards Living--Lesson 3--The Quest for the Meaning of Life--Ecclesiastes 1-2

Discussion Questions:

1.  In what ways is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil still a temptation to get us to depend upon ourselves instead of God?  What “I” problems do you have?

2.  Why is the fear of God the beginning of wisdom?  How is the fear of God leading you to wisdom for your everyday living?

3.  What does it mean to build a kingdom of dirt?  How have you seen the various pleasures under the sun leave you or others hungry and thirsty for something more?

4.  Why do you think Solomon circles back to wisdom a second time?  What do we learn about human nature from this? 

5.  What struggles do you have with remaining dependent upon God?  What helps you with this and what hinders you from maintaining it?


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