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Big Plans--Lesson 3--The Future Spoken

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of situations or needs make you feel like you need more than God? How does

His interaction in history show that He is our shield and great reward?

2. Why is God’s plan dependent upon our faith? How is it also true that God’s plan will be

accomplished even if we do not walk by faith in Him?

3. How did God provide everything Abraham needed to develop and grow in faith? How

have you seen Him provide what you need for your own faith development and growth?

How do the stars offer a reminder of God’s provision?

4. Why would God’s plan include darkness, oppression, vultures, and other difficulties? How

did these things assist Abraham and his descendants in walking by faith and remembering

their need for God?

5. Describe how freewill and God’s provision of a path through history work together. How do

these things make it possible for us to rest in peace and feel security?

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