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Big Plans--Lesson 6--The Gold Standard of Temporary

Discussion Questions:

1. Tell of a time when a situation or person seemed out of place, like they were selling neck

ties, only to find out that they were offering a blessing for your future?

2. Why does God provide a dream of the future to a person who doesn’t believe in Him

instead of to Daniel or his friends? How has God used adversity in your life to reveal His

ultimate plans to you?

3. God’s plans make no sense to Nebuchadnezzar until God provides the interpretation. Why

is this an important aspect to remember in developing our own understanding of God’s

plans for us?

4. Why are we tempted to believe our human efforts will result in the progress of building

utopia? How is utopia properly named?

5. Why is it important that the final Kingdom comes from a stone not cut by human hands?

How is this fulfilled in Jesus?

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