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Big Plans--Lesson 7--A Prophet to the Nations--Jeremiah 1

Discussion Questions:

1. What is God’s plan for your life? How do you know this is His plan?

2. How has God consecrated you and appointed you to the ministry you do for His glory?

What difference does it make to be consecrated and appointed?

3. What does it mean that God chose you to be given away? What does being given away

look like in your specific circumstances?

4. What problems have you had with aiming for the wrong target? What kinds of things cause

us to lose focus on our own target and aim at someone else’s?

5. What struggle have you had with not seeing God and thinking He is doing nothing, or with

seeing evil and thinking it has more control than it really does?

6. How does God’s word supply you with power and authority to do what He has consecrated

you and appointed you to do? What kinds of things could you do to tap into the power of

God’s word even more?

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