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Big Plans - Lesson 8 - Set Apart From The Womb

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some things that God has established and also set you apart to accomplish from before you were born?  How does knowing this help you face daily issues?

  2. What danger have you seen with becoming more enamored with ancestral traditions than experiencing the living, active Word of God?  Why do ancestral traditions have the power to shipwreck our faith?

  3. How does God use goads today?  What pain have you seen people (yourself included) experience because they refused to follow the direction of the Master?

  4. How has the Gospel offered you a change of direction and reason to hope?  Since this is what God did for Paul, does that mean you also are set apart from the womb for ministry?  What motivates you to use your life as a witness to others?

  5. How have you seen God waste NOTHING—even the rebellious actions against Him?  What kind of hope does this give you?

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