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Big Plans--Lesson 9--I Know the Plans I Have for You

Discussion Questions:

1. What struggles have you had with keeping a soft heart and teachable spirit? Would you

say you are a slow or a fast learner? Why?

2. What part can you play to make the community and the world around you better? How can

you invest in this culture to provide a witness of love and truth instead of escaping it?

3. In what ways has a rhetoric of God being angry and full of wrath hindered your drawing

close to Him? How does Jeremiah’s message help you see things differently?

4. How have you seen a voice of false prophecy arise against the plans of God? What kinds

of things try to persuade you to not engage in the plans of God?

5. Jeremiah emphasized relationship with God as “you will” and “I will”. What are your parts

and what are God’s parts of carrying out His Big Plans in your life? How does entrusting

yourself to His Big Plans help you feel connected to God?

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