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Blessed--Lesson 2--How Does the Blessing Work?

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the difference in making a splash and causing a ripple? What makes the ripple so

important in spiritual matters?

2. How have you seen the ripple effect work in your own receiving and passing on blessings?

What would you like the 3rd & 4th generations from you to say about the kind of blessing

you passed on to them?

3. How does walking with God make a difference in the kind of ripple you make? What

struggle do you have with the tension of Hezekiah begging for more time to live with the

result being the birth of Manasseh and the eventual fall of Judah to Babylon?

4. What is the danger of turning God’s blessings into a reward instead of an opportunity?

How well do you do at looking for opportunities with each blessing you receive? What

would help you grow in this?

5. Why is it important that the calling of Abram was a covenant? How does this tie to the

blessings that He pours into our lives?

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