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Blessed--Lesson 4--It Doesn't Feel Like a Blessing

Discussion Questions:

1. Would you say the accomplishments in your life are despite your setbacks or a result of

them? How does your perspective change as you look back at the trials you endured

versus being in the middle of them? What does this teach you about patience upon the


2. Is it comforting or frustrating to you that there are so many examples in the Scriptures of

God using trials and suffering to bring about blessings? Why is this comforting or


3. If you were alone and afraid for your family, would you expect God to show up and comfort

you or challenge you to a wrestling match? Why is it important that God challenged Jacob

to a wrestling match?

4. Why is it important to recognize that it was the LORD who brought the adversities upon

Job? What does this teach you about Satan and the sovereignty that God has over him

and his evil doings?

5. Explain how the book of Job is a microcosm of God’s history with mankind. How does this

encourage you to wait upon the LORD for Him to carry out the end of the story?

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