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Blessed--Lesson 5--A Song of Gratitude

Discussion Questions:

1. What causes us to rejoice in happy and just endings to things, or to get upset when

suffering and injustice take place? Is it fair to say this comes from the image of God?

2. Tell of the struggle you have with your perspective and posture getting in the way like

Solomon’s did in Ecclesiastes 3. How does this affect experiencing God’s blessings?

3. How is cynicism a problem in our culture? Why and/or how is worship an antidote to

cynicism? What kinds of influences get your worship out of tune?

4. Name 3 blessings you are grateful for from the past week. Was it easy or difficult to come

up with 3? How does taking time to notice and give thanks for the blessings you enjoy

increase your enjoyment of your blessings?

5. How is gratitude a factor in Rahab’s family history? Why is it important to recognize that

gratitude affects blessing and can influence many generations beyond us? What things

can you do this week to grow in worship and gratitude?

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