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Blessed--Lesson 6--Leaving a Blessing Legacy

Discussion Questions:

1. What difference does it make that God is a God of generations? How does this

demonstrate the importance of passing on a legacy of blessing?

2. Why did God have Jacob revisit his failings? How is this relevant to building a legacy of


3. In what ways have you been held back from being what God wants you to be because of

not moving on from what you used to be? In what specific ways does this hinder you from

sharing or passing on a blessing to others?

4. How would having a God pocket enable you to take advantage of more opportunities to

pass on God’s blessings? What struggles do you envision with creating a God pocket and

using it?

5. What do you learn from the fact that God blessed those He allowed to be carried into

exile? Why does He offer blessings that go beyond our lifetime? How does community

play an important role in leaving a legacy of faith?

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