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Building Character--Lesson 2--Having a Teachable Spirit--Genesis 12-22

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the correlation between our character and what God is building for His Kingdom? 

2.  Why is it important to note that God didn’t choose Abraham because he was sinless?  How does this help you with your own call from God?

3.  How does it strike you that the more Abraham learned from God and about God, the more he learned about the depth of commitment and love God had for him?  What hope does this give you about your own walk with God?

4.  What is the significance of God changing the names of Abram and Sarai?  What kinds of changes has God spoken about who you are meant to be?

5.  What difference does it make that God goes first and also farther than what He expects from Abraham?  How do you feel about God calling a curse upon Himself if He did not fulfill His covenant with Abraham?  How do you feel about Him then requiring the same thing from Abraham regarding circumcision?  What does this teach you about what the level of your commitment to God should be?


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