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Building Character--Lesson 3--The Lies of Instant Gratification--Genesis 37-50

Discussion Questions:

1.  How does immediate gratification typically work against greater fulfillment? 

2.  Why does God’s design call for lots of time and trials to mature our character?  How have you seen shortcuts in character development turn out badly?

3.  How discouraged do you get when your reward for doing something right turns out to be persecution or loss?  What kinds of things help you to see God’s bigger picture when things like this happen?

4.  Why are Judah’s and Joseph’s stories woven together in Genesis 37-39?  How is discipline and self-control an essential part of married life and Kingdom living?  How would you rate yourself in the areas of discipline and self-control?

5.  Why is it important to remember that God is aiming for the character of a Kingdom instead of just individuals?  How does unity profit character development?

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