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Character Building--Lesson 11--The Perfect Made More Perfect--Jesus--Hebrews 5-6

Discussion Questions:

1.  What do you think about Jesus having to learn obedience?  How does this provide a model for our own walks with God?

2.  How have you seen sin be its ugliest?  How does the ugliness of sin help you appreciate what Jesus does for you as High Priest?  How has God shown that the High Priest is an offer of life? 

3.  Are there any areas of your faith walk in which you tend to be dull of hearing or have quit growing?  What makes people want to go backwards instead of forward?  How does one maintain a teachable spirit?

4.  What does it mean that your character is more important than your comfort?  How did Jesus incorporate this axiom in His life?

5.  How has God poured His rain upon your life to help you grow?  Are there any areas in your character where thorns or thistles are growing?  How can you change this?

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