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Character Building--Lesson 8--What Will We Choose--Manasseh--II Chronicles 33

Discussion Questions:

1.  How have you seen God completely change a person’s perspective, so they move from disbelief to powerful faith?  How does God use pain to bring change of perspective?

2.  How does someone who has been provided such a deep spiritual feeding turn far away from the LORD?  What does this teach you about the need for personal convictions?

3.  What does it mean that the 3rd & 4th generation are affected by the choices we make?  How does this help you to understand the responsibility you have for those coming after you?

4.  How have you seen God chase after you?  How do guilt and/or shame negatively influence your understanding of His pursuit of you?

5.  Describe the amazing grace of God.  How has He rescued you personally from oppression and exile?  How does this move you to repentance?  What needs repentance in your life?

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