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Custom Made--Lesson 2--What is the Purpose of Spiritual Gifts?

Discussion Questions:

1. When God pours out His Spirit upon mankind, what two things happen that provide

boundaries for how Spiritual Gifts should be used (Acts 2:1-13 & 43-47)?

2. How does using parameters of glorifying the name of God and building up the body of

believers help us use Spiritual Gifts in a healthy way?

3. In what ways might Spiritual Gifts be misused or even abused? What is the danger of

mixing human characteristics and limited perspective with the power of God’s Spirit?

4. What was the real sin of Ananias & Saphira (Acts 5:1-11) or of Simon (Acts 8:18-24)? How

does an attitude of, “What’s in it for me?” get in the way of using the Spiritual Gifts the way

God desires?

5. How does Barnabas’ gift of exhortation show you the importance of every member of the


6. How does seeing how the Magi’s gifts were used by God to protect Jesus and His family

encourage you to freely use your gifts?

7. Do you see potential ministry needs in which your Spiritual Gift(s) can be implemented? Is

anything holding you back from this?

8. How does the way we (Garden Ridge) do church help or hinder the way people use their

Spiritual Gifts?

9. Are there any ways that you are doing what others can do and leaving undone what only

you can do? How do your spiritual gifts make you unique in the Kingdom?

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