Custom Made--Lesson 3--Combining Spiritual Gifts With Passion

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the connection between being a living sacrifice and putting our Spiritual Gifts to

work in our lives?

2. Why is consecration necessary for us to see amazing things happen for God’s Kingdom?

What do you do to consecrate yourself to the LORD?

3. What struggles do you have with dethroning yourself?

4. How did Barnabas’ passion to live out his Spiritual Gift of exhortation enable him to stand

against intense opposition two different times? What do you learn about the importance

of combining Spiritual Gifts with passion from Barnabas’ example?

5. Why does knowing your passion areas of service along with your personality traits matter

when looking at what your Spiritual Gifts are?

6. How did passion without obedience to God cause problems for Saul (Paul) and Moses?

How is passion without love or obedience to God a problem when using our Spiritual Gifts

in service to God?

7. What does Paul’s emphasis on love in the midst of his teaching on Spiritual Gifts teach

you about the danger of not using Spiritual Gifts in a proper way?

8. What is the danger in thinking we are spiritual based upon putting Spiritual Gifts to work

versus aiming for something higher, like the eternal quality of love?

9. How have you been tempted to measure your spiritual maturity by your religious activity

(engaging in programs and using Spiritual Gifts) over building relationship and community

through love?

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