Custom Made--Lesson 4--Working Together as a Body

Discussion Questions:

1. How does God’s plan of Spiritual Gifts allow for individuality within community?

2. When God set Israel free from Egypt He had a plan to bring them to a land flowing with milk & honey, which a generation missed out on. How do we avoid falling into the same trap in reference to what God wants to do through our use of Spiritual Gifts?

3. How have you seen people’s differences in Spiritual Gifts and passions used to bring about a wider range of good in God’s Church?

4. How do the Gifts of God match the typical needs people have? What does this teach you about the importance of community and interdependence?

5. Are there more Spiritual Gifts than what is listed in the Scriptures? How does it help you to see God supply the needs for the moment through different stories in the Bible?

6. Do miraculous Gifts make you uncomfortable? Do the guardrails and purposes for the Spiritual Gifts provide an avenue where these Gifts can still operate today without being abused?

7. What problem have you had with a spirit of judgment or fear when it comes to people expressing Spiritual Gifts in ways that are outside your comfort zone?

8. How does the Pharisee’s reaction to Jesus healing on the Sabbath and His many teachings provide a warning about jumping into judgment against the activity of God in our midst?

9. Who do you need to show appreciation to this week for the body part they are and what they do that would hinder the work of the Church if they were not fulfilling their role?

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