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EyeTunes--Lesson 2--God Has Complete Control--Psalm 2

Discussion Questions:

1. Tell of a way that God has provided refuge for you. What made it possible for you to entrust yourself to God for refuge?

2. In what ways do you struggle with not wanting Jesus to rule over you? What areas do you find difficult to surrender to Him?

3. How has God used the dots (trials and challenges) in your life to imprint a picture of His Kingdom in your life?

4. How does God’s sovereignty (complete control), and His turning the tables on Pharaoh, Haman and the religious leaders during Jesus’ time give you comfort in a world that often times feels like it is dangerous, crazy and out of control?

5. How does Psalm 2 instruct us to receive the blessings of God? What does that look like in your life?

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